Man rapes 15-year-old girl in suspected ritual act


Mr. Ogoma Amaechi has become petrified, following the defilement of his 15-year-old daughter.
According to him, he didn’t know whether to be worried that his little girl had been brutally defiled or the fact that the perpetrator wiped her private parts with white cloth after defiling her. The assailants also video recorded the act.

Amaechi said that his daughter was defiled at Gberigbe area of Ikorodu, Lagos State. Although it was a single person who violated the victim, Amaechi said three accomplices kept vigil while the defilement was going on.

He said: “The suspects wiped my daughter’s private parts with a white cloth after defiling her. And while she was being defiled, one of them video recorded the act.”

Since the incident, which happened on January 24, Amaechi and his daughter had never been the same.

He mentioned the names of the perpetrators as Doku, Olawale and two others. Two among the four men are siblings.

Amaechi added: “My daughter told me that it was only one person that raped her, others were outside, monitoring the area? When they finished, they wiped her private part with a white cloth and threatened her. They said that if she tells anyone what transpired, she would die within seven days.”

Amaechi noted that out of fear, the victim refused to open up until everyone noticed that she was acting strangely.


He said: “After several efforts, she finally opened up. We were angry with her. She told us that the men threatened to upload the video on the internet.”

Amaechi, who said that his wife died some months ago, explained that he reported the case at Ijede Police Station. He added that on the day police came to carry out arrest, the men attacked them, giving room for the prime suspect to escape.

Amaechi said: “The family of the suspect has not shown any concern that their boys raped my daughter. Rather their father had been threatening to deal with me. His grouse was that I reported the matter to the police. He said that I should have come to him. The truth, however, is that a policewoman at Ijede Police Station has been assisting the family of the suspects to frustrate the case. I thank God for the intervention of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO).”

The aggrieved father also disclosed that since he started taking his daughter to hospital, he had noticed a vast improvement in her behaviour. Police had further advised him to take her to Mirabel Centre in Ikeja for counselling.

He noted: “We’ve already taken her to Ijede General Hospital, Ikorodu, where it was confirmed that she was violated. The only thing we want is justice.”

Reacting to the case, the Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria (NOPRIN) urged the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Zubairu Muazu, to order proper investigation into the case and to ensure arrest of the culprits.

NOPRIN’s National Coordinator, Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma, said that the network received the information and was disturbed.

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