The menace of spiritual cobweb attacks


Isaiah 59:6 says “ Their cobwebs are useless for clothing; they cannot cover themselves with what they make. Their deeds are evil deeds, and acts of violence are in their hands.”

Cobweb is a spider’s web. The spider uses the cobweb to trap other insects in the web for food. Cobweb attack is a very serious one.

Spiritual cobweb can paralyse a man’s dream. Satanic cobweb can frustrate the effort of someone. The more you begin to walk into cobwebs, the more you will be keeping yourself in satanic bondage. Cobweb is one of the weapons of the devil.

The truth is that survival from cobweb attack is impossible without prayers and deliverance. Once you are out of your divine destiny the enemy has every right to attack you. Through this, the devil may bring a big battle into your life.

The Bible says “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Believers are into spiritual battles with the enemy.

The accumulation of excessive cobweb attacks makes some people to gives up to the enemy completely where spiritual strength is defeated. The enemy begins to use their weaknesses to attack them. Many believers are opening the doors of attacks for their enemies every day. Whenever there is cobweb attack, there the devil is after your life.

Any cobweb attacks both day and night opens you up for satanic programming. Until you deal with this cobweb spirit, you are likely to be a toy in the hands of the enemy. Things may be fine but spiritually things are not too good.

Some people finds it difficult to PROSPER, it is because they are under the trap of cobweb demons. Sometimes you may see it or not. While on the road, such people will keep walking freely into cobwebs. Sometimes these cobwebs are monitoring agent.

It keeps following you anywhere you go to destroy your activities. If you keep experiencing the problems of cobwebs whether in the dream or physical means that the witches and wizards are at work in the person’s life.

This also indicates that such person may be inviting spiritual problems. In any family where there is a record of cobweb attacks, there will be fewer people that may record outstanding success. Most times, when you encounter cobweb, it will make you work effortlessly and deliverance becomes almost impossible. You need to pull out of that satanic bondage and manipulation.

With that kind of bondage, you need serious deliverance. People also walk into cobwebs in a strange house and environment. That means there is a high level of witchcraft practice in that area. Most people normally encounter cobweb attack whenever they finished discussing with people.

That means that person is attacking you. It is very strange that immediately some people had a terrible dream, the problem of cobweb overshadow them. A woman that always experience cobweb, shows that the woman is under severe household attack.

It is worst when she is on pregnancy or about to get married. All these symbolises bad luck and setbacks. These are signs that people are under the snare of darkness. If you are regretting as a man for experiencing cobwebs spirits, it is because you have some works to do spiritually.

People prone to cobweb attacks

1.They are people who are suffering from foundational problems
2.They are people who have evil names
3.They are people who had confrontation with someone
4.They are people whose parents are not happy with them
5.They are the people who are operating on a curse
6.They are the people who fornicate and commit adultery
7.They are the people who dupe people
8.They are people who are in a wrong relationship
9.They are people who have never visited their hometown
10.They are people who don’t have the presence of God around them etc

Physical manifestations of cobweb attacks

The following are the symptoms of a life that is under the attack of demonic cobwebs.

1. Backwardness
2. Failure/Stagnancy
3. Miscarriage
4. Hatred and lack of favour
5. Bad luck and Impossibility
6. Unprofitable relationship/marriage
7. Profitless hard labour/Setbacks
8. Delay in the expectation of miracles
9. Disappointment/Non-achievement
10. Prayerlessness
11. Sickness/Rejection
12. Barrenness and unfruitfulness
13. Sorrow and pain
14. Financial problem
15. They will make all would be helpers to abandon you
16. They cause frustration
17. Marital problem

Written by Evangelist Joshua Orekhie

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