Meth addict attempts to drown two children

Australian Police
Australian Police

An Australian mother has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly trying to drown her children in the Murray River.

The body of her five-year-old son has been found in the river on Saturday morning, while her nine-year-old son is in a serious condition in hospital.

The 27-year-old woman handed herself over to police in Echuca, on the NSW-Victoria border, on Thursday night, allegedly confessing her guilt, and telling police of her “intention to kill both children”.

She’s been charged with attempted murder, and will likely face charges of murder over her younger son’s death.

In court, witnesses said she told them that she “had to drown my babies”.

Dale Brooks, a lawyer representing the boys’ grandmother, told the woman was known to local authorities as a long-time methamphetamine addict.

“The mother in this instance has been a really troubled individual, she’s been a long term ice addict.”

Mr Brooks said the accused stole the grandmother’s car and snatched the children.

Police say she took them to the Murray River and tried to drown her oldest son. He managed to escape – and she then attacked her five-year-old.

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