Money-induced resignations – worst display of a fickle character – By Austin Isikhuemen

Gov Obaseki and Dep Gov Philip Shaibu
Gov Obaseki and Dep Gov Philip Shaibu

The recent resignations of appointees in Edo State needs to be situated in the proper perspective else it leads to panic and fear in the minds of voters and gives a wrong impression to faraway observers of Edo politics and the next election. There is no cause for alarm. The Obaseki/Shaibu team is solid and unshakeable.

The departure of fifth columnists and people of wavering faith and hunger and greed-ravaged fellows should rather bring relief to the solid believers in good governance and prudent management that Godwin Obaseki and his reliable deputy represent and exemplify today.

However, anyone who likes can shed a tear or two for those fickle-minded scavengers whose bellies rank higher than their convictions and the future of our state. Let them collect the money and rush on and join the resignation bandwagon. Didn’t Majek Fashek say *the road to righteousness is too narrow; the road to destruction is wide and open!

This is how it played out for one fickle-minded resignee who on reading this will actually know himself but I know he is shameless enough to glibly justify his perfidy and lack of character. A few people rank higher than Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ after collecting 30 pieces of silver because even Judas felt remorse and went and hung himself. Instead of following his mentor, Judas’ example and hanging himself, he is busy going on air at every opportunity to spew falsehood and let those who paid him 30 pieces of silver know that he is the most useful of the lot so paid.

He is ready to lie against a man who has given such exemplary leadership and is embedding a new style of politics of altruism and financial management of our commonwealth. I am sure even his recruiters, who paid his projected remunerations on his tenured appointment and promised him a reappointment IF they win, are even surprised at the level of the servitude this servant is willingly displaying way beyond their expectations.

Here’s how the conversation went:
Negotiator: Hello Bros Fickle, how are doing?
Fickle: We dey. Na only hunger. Obaseki no dey release anything.
Negotiator: Ah, even when you are rendering such a good service in the most revenue yielding agency?
Fickle: Boy, forget that na only salary we dey see. Obaseki is too frugal. He doesn’t chop and doesn’t allow us free hand to chop. The previous government was far far better my friend. Is it Obaseki’s money? Why must he just lock up Edo money paying only his contractor friends from Lagos? We no go gree!
Negotiator: How much dem dey pay you self?
Fickle: Just a miserly two hundred and fifty thousand naira a month. Not even enough to pay my bills and do some runs. You know what easy money we used to get and our people thinks I have arrived and yet nothing nothing. Any opportunity and I am out of this goddamn job. Oil and Gas my foot!
Negotiator: What if you get what you will earn in the residual part of your tenure at once with a bit of awoof added. Would you work for us?
Fickle: Why not? Anything that will bring some dough is better than this dry Obaseki Government. He thinks executing projects for the people is the only objective of Government. Well, he is not a politician, so how will he know that you need to make politicians very happy by putting money in their pocket. See me, people feel I am a big man but all na photo trick! I beg how can you help me to help you? I hear una dey release pepper. Ah, una self!
Negotiator: How many years are left in your tenure in the commission?
Fickle: Two whole years of hunger and lack of free dough if Obaseki wins. Too long. Too long man!
Negotiator: Now, N250k x 2years x 12 months = N6 million. Suppose we convince our people to give you the six million now, and add four million naira jara to it as awoof? Not tomorrow but today!
Fickle: Consider it done! I will deploy all my energies to serve your party and candidate. You know I have always loved him and I was even convincing some of my friends that he is the best for the state and will make us all happy and govern the state very well and take us to the next level. You know our people are in my pocket and will go where I tell them to go and they trust my family name and can…..
Negotiator (cuts in): Give me your account number for a transfer immediately. 10 m. Straight away. Boy you don hammer and this is just the beginning. But you must sign your resignation now and announce it in a press conference.
Fickle: No problem. I can even pay for the press conference from the 10 m to show my loyalty. Let me write the letter now. But I don’t want bank transfer, you know EFCC now. Those guys dey nose around o…
Negotiator: You don’t need to worry yourself. We have cash and the draft letter for you to sign. Just your signature. Want it in dollars, we are ready too.
Fickle: Boy, you are a real friend. You can keep 500k as my generous tip. Wetin be signature self. As I don sign now when we go do the press conference? I can’t wait to help our candidate and be in the limelight again. Don’t mind Obaseki and Shaibu. No be money be this?
Negotiator: Welcome to the club. Just work hard, that’s all. We will re-appoint you to the same Oil & Gas and chopping goes on for next four years. Trust me.

Any wonder that this particular catch feels demented and is all over the place calling a world-acclaimed performer a scam even trying to recruit his betters and telling this story to some he mistakenly thinks reason with their stomach like he does! He too will kneel around before his people and government in due time as is the current practice by his hero.

A man whose present and future is worth N10m is worth very little. Cheap indeed! Make no mistake, N10m is substantial and can buy a very solid tokunbo SUV. However, character is worth billions to those who know and care. The worst thing that can happen to a man is people changing the topic as he comes in because he cannot be trusted based on historical antecedents.

Edo is in safe hands and the interest of all of us and that of our children is best served with the duo of Obaseki and Shaibu fully in charge of our affairs for the next four years. A reversal to the past of sharing and looting and commissioning of unfinished projects and chastising our people with opaque levies and extortions is simply unthinkable. Yesterday is a different country, we don’t live there anymore. And we refuse to go there.

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