Money ritual: Native doctor deceived us, said skull will vomit money – suspect


Mr. Samuel Olaniyi (65), who was arrested for exhuming and beheading his late brother, has told the police that he did it after a native doctor convinced him and his friends that the skull would vomit money, making them rich beyond imagination.

Olaniyi and his cronies were arrested by operatives of the Inspector- General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Lagos State arm, for attempting to use his late brother’s skull for money ritual.

Olaniyi was arrested along with Uchenna Olewunna and Sunday Mathew after they exhumed late Idowu Jimoh’s corpse at Ato area of Ogun State. Olaniyi, a palm wine tapper, alleged that it was his friend, Mathew, desperate to be rich that got him involved in the money ritual scheme. According to Olaniyi, Mathew, a logger, first approached Olewunna, a native doctor, who treats people, but has no idea of how to carry out money making ritual rites.

Olewunna linked Mathew to another of his colleagues in Sango area of Ogun State, called Baba Cele. The man asked for a human skull in order to complete the ritual. Baba Cele insisted that the skull must be that of someone close to one of the wealth seekers. Olaniyi: “It was my friend Mathew that got me involved in this mess.

When we met Baba Cele, he told us that we needed a human head. The head must be that of a person we were familiar with. That was the reason we opened the grave and took the skull. I was hoping to become very rich.

Baba Cele told us that money would be coming out of the skull regularly. He also said that he would take a share of the money, while we keep the rest. Matthew promised that when he succeeds, I would take a large chunk of the money. I took Mathew and Olewunna to my late brother’s grave, exhumed his corpse and removed its head. Mathew (52), who is a farmer and a logger, married with three children, said: “This is the first time I would be getting involved in human parts business.

I have a native doctor friend, Uchenna Olewunna, who I used to patronize. I even used to refer sick people to him for treatment. There was a time I told him that I had no job and wanted him to help in preparing a money making ritual for me, he asked me to get a human head, that he knew a native doctor would help in making me rich.”

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He further said: “When I got home, I told my friend Samuel. He asked me if I had confirmed from the person that would perform the charm, I said no. We went to Uchenna and he took us to the main native doctor. The native doctor confirmed that he could do it and had been doing such for long.

The native doctor even told us that there was a time someone was arrested by police for being in possession of human parts, that he went to the police and retrieved the parts.

Some days later after we got this confirmation, Samuel called to inform me that he has found a place where we could get a head. I informed Uchenna and three of us went to the gravesite on a motorcycle.”

Mathew said that on the fateful day they went to the gravesite to exhume the corpse of Idowu, he acted as the lookout, while Uchenna dug open the grave and Samuel held the torch.

Mathew recounted: “After we took the skull, we gave it to Samuel, who is a security guard to keep in an uncompleted building. We went to inform the native doctor, who asked us to go and bring N48, 000. We got N16, 000, which we gave to Uchenna. He promised to add N10, 000 to make the amount N26, 000.

Uchenna informed us that the native doctor asked us to come with the skull and a charcoal. On our way, we were arrested by the police.”

Olewunna (49) said: “I’m a native doctor and also a farmer. I prepare herbs for sick people. It was Mathew that brought the idea of money ritual. I told him that I didn’t know how to do it. I told him that I have a friend, Baba Cele, who once told me to look for anyone who wanted to perform money ritual. I called Baba Cele and told him about Mathew. He said that I should bring the people involved.”

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