Monica Ada C. Eze: 26 Garlands to DUNAETA President and Founder

Monica Ada C. Eze (right)
Monica Ada C. Eze (right)
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By 11th July, 2018, Ebonyi State will be celebrating one of her finest and splendour Media gurus. On that auspicious day lady Monica Ada Chidinma Chukwuemeka -Eze who was born on the 11th of July 1992 will be celebrating her 26th birthday.

A detribalized Nigerian with Ibo parents who can as well claim to be a Northerner as she was born at the Specialist Hospital situated in Jimeta-Yola the State capital of Adamawa State in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. Monica who hails from Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State is the first child of Chief and Evang. (Mrs.) Augustine Eze.

According to her records, she started her Nursery and Primary School at the famous Abti International Nursery /Primary School, Yola and proceeded to Federal University of Technology Secondary School Yola where she got her Senior Secondary School Certificate in 2008. A graduate of Our Savior’s Institute of Science, Agric and Technology (OSISATECH), Enugu where she studied Public Administration and obtained National Diploma (ND) certificate which enabled to secure direct entry admission into Caritas University where she studied Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.

Public Service/Politics

With this Amazon of a lady in mind, Ann Tran stated and I quote, “Humility, gentleness, and helpfulness go so much further and open doors you cannot imagine. Think from a higher level and try to see beyond today. Some hard work and insight will bring you to paths that will reward you so highly, it’ll make the little inconvenience you incurred so worth it.”

Monica is a reputable Blogger and Publisher and in line with Ann Tran’s quote is a workaholic, philanthropist per excellence, humane, humble and obedient person whose weaknesses is kindness. She is kind to a fault but resists anybody who wants to take advantage of her kindness and humane nature. She loves being committed to anything entrusted in her hands and appreciative of whatever one does for her no matter how little it is. This lady whose writings have assisted so much in propagating the ideals and vision of the Ebonyi State Government under the able leadership of her uncle, Engr. (Dr) Dave Nweze Umahi ( FNATE, FNSE) is the President/Founder of David Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Ebonyi Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA) a vibrant, virile grassroots NGO whose main aim is to ensure the re-election of Governor Umahi come 2019 and which she uses to issue press statements in defense and promotion of her boss, His Excellency Engr. (Chief) Dave Nweze Umahi) and his government.

Her article titled, “How Umahi Turned Ebonyi Into One Huge ConstructionSite” is a must read anytime any day and have since her appointment wrote over twenty inspiring articles on the positive activities of the present administration in Ebonyi State.

This fiery lady is a member of the greatest political movement in Africa the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and currently serves as the Technical Adviser (TA) on Media to the Ebonyi State Governor; she is known in some quarters as Ada Ebonyi and doubles as the Secretary of the Committee of Media Aides to His Excellency.

Monica and her mission

According to Laozi, one of the greatest Philosophers of all times with Monica in mind, “I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.”

In defining her mission, she stated thus, “Immediately after my appointment and considering the enormous challenges of my new task of propagating and projecting the great image of an outstanding and ever busy Governor of the status of Engr. David Umahi and after briefs from my superiors I entered into the field. Within the period under review, I was able to form and join a lot of Social Media groups be it Face-Book, Instagram, vimeo, printest, whatsapp, LinkedIn,YouTube, Twitter etc in order to circulate releases and information pertaining to the activities of Governor Umahi and his administration in Ebonyi State to the entire world.

According to this lady of the moment, “Apart from my normal work schedule, I have gone extra miles to introduce live media stream of all the events that I attend. I have established a website through which I use to publish my works and most of the press statements from the Ebonyi State Government and Ministries. These feats notwithstanding, I have the singular honour among my peers to donate three Gold Trophies as follows in support of our 2019 project:

1. Akubuorah Gold Cup for Quiz Competition amongst Secondary Schools in Ohaozara Local Government Area.

2. OGOO NWANYI GOLD CUP for Choir Competition amongst Churches in Uburu Town.

3. DUNAETA GIANTGOLD CUP for the best performing Commissioner under this administration for 2018.

These Gold Trophies awaits the approval of His Excellency for formal presentation before public presentation.

Monica and Affirmation of her Philanthropic gestures

Pam Moore to further explain Monica and her philanthropic activities better stated, “You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

The following comments by some of those who may have come across Monica’s works will convince you the reader how she is appreciated:

Explaining what Monica is to Ebonyi State and her people Eze C.Collins stated, “Today is the first Sunday and the first day of the month of July, 2018, besides new month wishes I received, a lady surprised me, through this text, “Collins, you are doing well, let me know the network work you prefer or I transfer some amount of money to your account for your good works in support of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Dr. David Nweze Umahi’s re-election bid come 2019. Please send me your account details. This is exactly the words from Ada Monica Chidimma Eze, the Technical Assistant to the Executive Governor of Ebonyi state and the founder and the President of David Nweze Umahi Akubaraoha Ebonyi transformation Agenda (DNUAETA). Seriously, I really had skeptic because I never expected such from her even though she is really doing excellently well. Everyone talks good of her especially her generosity.  The Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State had extolled her hardworking. The Commissioner of Information, Sen. Emmanuel Onwe had one time described her as a true daughter of Ebonyi state and a tribalizer. When she texted me that she sent some amount of money, seriously i was really surprised. She is wonderful, caring and appreciative. Once again, thank you Ada Chidimma Miss.Monica Eze, the most beautiful daughter of Uburu”.

While to E. Darlington Chuka, “Monica has done well and you really deserve such appreciation for supporting the good work of our workaholic governor Engr Dr David Umahi Nweze. May God continue to bless both of you Amen”.

To J. Ogbaga ogba Immanuelrigmaster, “In as much as I’m hhhhhhmmmmmiinnnggg, I won’t deny the fact that you are a fine asset. The way you spoke, just did justice to your acclaim. But please remember to bring forth or push forth the changes demanded in some ways from this administration”.

Kelechi Agaha Uche in his inputs pleads with Ebonyian thus, “Join me as I appreciate this noble lady, a lady with a heart of gold, a philanthropist per excellent, the highly focused and hardworking Technical Assistant to Ebonyi Governor on media. She is a beauty with brain, she is humble to the core and carries everyone along in discharge of her duties, a hard-working Nigerian youth, she is Hon Monica Ada Chidinma Eze (TA to Ebonyi Governor on media) Coming across her late last year has been one of the best things that happened to me last year, because in her, I saw a lady practicing her words, she’s never tied, always up and doing. Having carved a niche for herself as a humanitarian, she stands tall as an evangelist of giving. She is the brain behind the popular political organization known as “DUNAETA” a group that has done a great job for the re-election of Gov Umahi. She is a goal getter and achiever.Thanks dear for your kind gesture towards my person, I appreciate you greatly!”

To Evangelist Prince Nwoba Solomon, “Monica is a great Achiever!!! I must confess that three qualities that make a woman: character, intelligence and beauty, richies is an added advantage but it is irksome that no girl/lady/woman has it all. A girl is so pretty but empty skull, the other one is so intelligent but a monster, the other one so charming and intelligent but ill-mannered. Some other may be pretty, intelligent with a manageable character but a pauper. This is to prove the cliche that “no one has it all”.

What is popular may not be right and what is right may not be popular. Miss Monica Ada Chidinma Eze, one of the TAs to Enonyi State governor on media has outstripped herself from the cliche of “no woman has it all” Monica is a name for females which is traceable to the 4th century when the name was borne by North African Saint Monica of Hippo, mother of saint Augustine.

Miss Monica Adaeze has been a succour to those who are close to her both her fellow youths and the aged, especially the less privileged ones. Recall that she is the proprietress to the group/page DAVID Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA)

This page has really paid, she has single handedly sponsored a recharge and win promo on the page where about ten thousand naira recharge cards were disbursed and at the end the eight persons that recharged highest were rewarded; the first, second, third and fourth winner went home with a bag of rice and a cash prizes, while the other four were given cash each, what a magnanimity?

Among the numerous TAs on Media, she is the most benevolent, selfless and the most approachable among them.

Her philosophy of “Givers never lack” has kept her and has paved way for her. She can hardly complain even from her meagre salary, she pays about ten of her followers monthly surprise package allowance. She is exceptionally beautiful and intelligent yet accommodative.

In this era, where hardship and hard time has formed a chorus in everyone’s lips, she still give at liberal without condition. She is a devout and a practising Christian rather than what we have nowadays, Christian forming title for some fellows. So dedicated and devoted to her job.

Travel of a million miles they say, start with a step; she has proven to a great leader, an Amazon, a liberator to come. There is still hope of good leaders to come!!!!.”

G. Ibeabuchi Jonathan in his contribution stated, Monica Ada Chidinma Eze is not only philanthropic but she is a second God to people in times of help which am a living testimony of her good work to humanity, kudos dear Monica I pray God will take you to the highest level because you deserve more accolades”

Ogbonna David described Monica Ada Chidinma Eze thus, “you’ve proved to be an embodiment of goodness, in and out, a promoter of goodness and goodness icon. A dedicated lady with extraordinary commitment to duty and course. For blessing me today, you will never lack all the days of your life. Keep up the good works, posterity will always be kind to you.

While to Ekoyo Godwin, “Surprisingly this morning a Lady transferred a hug amount into my account to encourage me for the good works I have been doing in promoting the government of Ebonyi state and His Excellency Chief David Nweze Umahi. This lady is among the media officials who dedicated herself in promoting the good work of His Engr.David Nweze Umahi both day and night. She’s a lady with a good heart who can accommodate everybody within and outside her home. Sentiment and laziness is not in her dictionary and she likes working with progressive minds. People who knows her very well and I can testify that she is a wife material and a home builder. Not all ladies can do this instead they will like to milk men till we become dry in both physical,financial and spiritually. She’s no other person than Monica Ada Chidinma Eze ,Technical Assistant to Ebonyi state Governor on media and publicity and founder of David Nweze Umahi Akubaraoha Ebonyi transformation agenda (DNUAETA). Of a truth, I never except this surprised package from her and she made me proud by encouraging me to do more. I urge other people to emulate from her as these will burnout some desires in us to do more. Thank you Lady Monica! Thank you Ada Uburu!! Thank you my sister in-law!!! May God bless you”.

Monica and her Strong belief in her boss

My senior sister Monica Eze is so committed towards the re-election bid of Governor Umahi come 2019 and will not mind whatever it will cause her to achieve this goal in view of the tremendous changes and infrastructural revolution he has brought to bear in Ebonyi State and according to this lady of the Pen, “Today, the Governor has become the new face of democracy and positive development in Nigeria that I wonder why some groups of people are attempting to frustrate his second term bid”. Let me at this juncture, commend and congratulate Governor Umahi for making the difference so far governance is concerned in Nigeria. Time and space can’t permit me to enumerate most of the feats of this energetic, visionary and outstanding Governor but I am convinced that no right thinking person will fail to acknowledge that Governor Umahi has delivered on his mandate. If President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria could attests to the great things Governor Umahi has achieved in Ebonyi State I expect most of the opposition political leaders to learn from our dear President and accord Engr. Dave Umahi his rightful place in the politics of Ebonyi State. I must reiterate that Engr Dave Nweze Umahi is one of the best things that have ever happened to the people of Ebonyi State”.


In conclusion, Ada Ebonyi pleaded with the great people of Ebonyi State to shine their eyes and ensure that the wonder performing Governor of Ebonyi State is reelected to enable him continue with his divine mandate to take our dear State to the promise land. Together, we will celebrate triumphantly come 2019. I urge all the oppositions to clear way as they have no chance in Ebonyi state let alone Ebonyi state government house. We did it in 2015 and we will do it again in 2019 even better than 2015.

My sister deserves to be celebrated and I am proud to present this workaholic, an Amazon of high repute to the world. Happy Birthday Monica! Happy birthday Ada Ebonyi!! Happy birthday the fiery lady of Pen!!!

Pharm. Eunice Eze is the Special Media Aide to the President/Founder, DUNAETA and can be reached through [email protected]

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