Musicians to converge at Kiza Ballroom for ‘LOVE IS A FUNNY THING’

love is a funny thing

Be fully immersed in your very own music fantasy this Valentine’s day with a fabulous cast of talented musicians. We have curated a night of love and laughter in a blended comedy filled evening featuring Kenyan musicians and African comics for a unique light-hearted love experience on Saturday 15th February at the Kiza Ballroom.

Various artists will offer a blend of the most romantic songs from their music playlist. Making light of love with a good laugh is an alternative to celebrating love this Valentine’s day with an immersive music experience, dinner and special gift bag.

This event will feature remarkably talented artists that include; Atemi Oyungu, Tetu Shani, Ivlyn Mutua, Chris Adwar and Alisha Popat. They will be backed by a full band and other vocals. The top comedians will include Gordons from Nigeria, Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna for a one of a kind night to remember.

‘Comedy and Music’ is open for adults who enjoy intimate gigs with quirky performances. There are a limited number of tickets available for purchase in advance from TicketSasa. Couples tickets go for Ksh 10,000 and 5,000 for singles.

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