New Zealand: Policewoman who claimed colleague raped her accused of lying


A policewoman who says she was raped by a colleague has been accused of lying.

In the Auckland District Court this month, a 29-year-old man is on trial after pleading not guilty to sexual violation and indecent assault.

He is accused groping the woman during a drunken night with colleagues at a Kerikeri motel and later raping her as she slept.

The pair were part of a large group of police officers sent to Northland to work during Waitangi commemorations.

On Monday morning, the man’s lawyer Paul Borich QC replayed CCTV clips that show the woman and defendant interacting that night.

The woman has told the jury the man groped her in a sexual advance she rejected and later raped her as she slept in her motel room.

Borich said the pair engaged in s*xual activity in a “prearranged hook up” the complainant regretted and lied to cover up.

CCTV footage shows them touching and joking around with one another both before and after the first alleged assault.

The woman repeatedly rejected Borich’s assertion she had flirted with the man that night or paid him any special attention.

She has told the court the “banter” she had with the man was typical of her personality, having grown up joking around with her siblings.

The woman also rejected Borich’s suggestion she sat outside her unit with another officer for an hour before going to bed to wait for the man.

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