Nigerian murdered in Brazil


Brazilian police authorities have declared a curfew in a Sao Paulo community after a suspected mafia gang pumped five bullets into a young Nigerian identified simply as Chizoba.

This emerged as police authorities in Brazil have identified and declared wanted a Nigerian gangster who allegedly killed his kinsman in Sao Paulo on August 22.

However, a source while explaining the circumstances surrounding Chizoba’s death to an online news portal, NewsmakersNG, said: “Four Brazilian guys approached him and asked everybody present to give gap as their intention was only against Chizoba.

He was shot five times.” The killing of Chizoba, from Anambra State, occurred less than 24 hours after another Nigerian, identified as Chike, stabbed his kinsman, Elochukwu, to death in Brazil. NewsmakersNG’s investigations revealed that Chizoba was attacked at a place called Guaianazes, on a street in Sao Paulo, when he allegedly crossed the line in the territory controlled by a drug trafficking gang.

The source also told NewsmakersNG: “Chizoba was earlier involved in a group fight with some members of the Brazilian mafia gang and a Brazilian was killed.

They have used the killing to warn Nigerians involved in drug deals that the area belongs to them and nobody can sell or deal in such things without being part of their mafia gang called PCC.” Chizoba, who appeared to be in his 30s was killed near the area where Elochukwu was stabbed to death on August 22.

Meanwhile, NewsmakersNG obtained a picture of the suspect, simply identified as Chike, sent to every Media House in Brazil and the Latin America, including Argentina with a promise of monetary compensation to whoever has information that would lead the police to him.

According to the Brazilian Investigation Bureau, Chike who stabbed his kinsman, Elochukwu, to death during a scuffle, is a member of a Nigerian cult group known as Eiye. NewsmakersNG learnt that Chike displayed the emblem of the Eiye Cult immediately after driving a knife through the neck of his 48-year-old kinsman and father of four from Enugu State during an argument over a business transaction.

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