Off duty police officer saves tourist from beach s*x attack

The beach at Playa de las Americas in Tenerife
The beach at Playa de las Americas in Tenerife
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An off-duty police officer who was surfing managed to stop two Moroccan men who allegedly trying to rape a British tourist.

The two men were arrested on the beach after the officer heard the woman screaming for help in Tenerife.

The incident happened in the popular holiday resort of Playa de Las Americas, towards the south of the island.

Local reports suggest the woman agreed to go to the beach, where she was then targeted after meeting up with one of the men during a night out.

A friend of the first Moroccan man then appeared at the scene, where the police officer was forced to intervene in the incident.

The policeman and his friend were then involved in a brawl with the men and managed to hold the suspects down until colleagues arrived to formally arrest them.

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One of the men has been remanded in jail pending an ongoing criminal investigation after appearing in front of a judge at a closed court hearing.

The other suspect, an illegal immigrant, has been sent to a foreigners’ holding centre known as a CIE.

The British holidaymaker is understood to have flown back to the UK after giving a statement to police and ratifying her version of events to the same investigating judge who ordered the suspects’ remand in custody.

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