Oldest professional soccer player, Ezz El-Din Bahader, joins club aged 75

Ezz El-Din Bahader
Ezz El-Din Bahader

A Third division Egyptian team are entering the history books after signing a 75-year-old.

Ezz El-Din Bahader is proving age is nothing but a number by signing for third tier club 6 October.

If he does take to the pitch, it will make him the oldest professional football player ever.

The current record is set by Isaak Hayik who played for Israeli fourth-tier side Ironi Or Yehuda aged 73.

Bahader will replace him in the record books.

Speaking on the incredible milestone, the Egyptian Football Association said: ”Today, the Egyptian Football Association has registered the oldest professional player in the world during the current winter transfer period.

”He is 75-year-old Ezz El-Din Bahader, who signed for 6 October in the third division.

”He is preparing to enter the Guinness World Encyclopaedia of records as he begins his participation with this club”.

But it doesn’t stop with them.

Japanese striker Kazuyoshui Miura will play his 35th season of professional football this year, turning 53 next month.

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Miura managed to extend his contract with J-League club Yokohama FC.

The 52-year-old told the Japan Times: ”I was able to renew my contract with Yokohama for the 2020 season.

”I hope to enjoy playing soccer and remember to be grateful as I make an effort to achieve the club’s goal of staying in the J1.

”I’ll work hard to contribute to the team’s wins”.

His inspiring words come after only making three appearances for his team last season.

Two extremes

At the other end of the age spectrum, in Bolivia’s first division set the record for the YOUNGEST ever signing.

Mauricio Baldivieso played for Bolivia’s first division team La Paz FC, being subbed on by the manager who was also his father, in a 2009 game.

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