Outrage over attack on black couple by 6 white men

A white attacker assaults a man in South Africa
A white attacker assaults a man in South Africa

The actions of the six men who allegedly attacked a black couple at the KFC outlet in Pretoria on Wednesday night complicated the fight to stop racism‚ the Solidarity Movement said on Monday.

The movement’s chairman‚ Flip Buys‚ also condemned the actions of the men‚ four of whom had been arrested.

Buys said people like those who assaulted others deserved to be subjected to the full force of the law.

“Afrikaners cannot rage against (Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius) Malema’s racist threats on the one hand‚ but at the same time tolerate this kind of behaviour. Racism must be fought in all its forms‚” Buys said.

He said these types of actions by apparent extremist individuals‚ gave the African National Congress a reason to find all white people guilty of racism with the help of new legislation‚ and to condemn and judge them as racist criminals.

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“If people commit themselves to such bad behaviour and actions‚ the good work that the rest tries to achieve becomes undone.

“Everyone realises by this time that certain racist behaviour will be proclaimed from the rooftops. Rather refrain from such behaviour and work on mutual respect and recognition‚” Buys said.

The men allegedly attacked Jacob Sono and his wife‚ Dudu‚ after he asked them to move forward in the drive-through queue.

Mpho Sono filmed the incident‚ which was shared widely on social media.

Police were still looking for two of the suspects‚ who are still on the run.

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