Owusu Appiah Kwabena is the youngest Ghanaian entrepreneur in the Tech Industry

Owusu Appiah Kwabena
Owusu Appiah Kwabena

A young talented Ghanaian has proved to challenge the well-known entrepreneurs in the Tech world.

Owusu Appiah Kwabena is a Fante born Ghanaian who lives in China.

He completed Koforidua Senior High Technical and furthered his education at Hubei University of Technology after he home-studied three different computer programming languages in less than 7 months.

Owusu was 21 years old and a second year student when he built his first company in China, a coding boot camp company for students who want to expand their knowledge in software engineering.

As a talented young man with great ambition who wants to bring the best of US software to Africa and his home country Ghana, Owusu has the vision to create awareness on how beneficial-the-Technology can be for Africans.

He then launched his first project dubbed Intelligence Pool which is a company registered in Ghana.

Its main purpose is to serve as a coding Boot camp for the students in China. But it will later provide a pool of intelligent software and tools to users of Ghana and Africa.

He is also the main architect behind the Ejucate Software which he launched in China. The sole person who took care of the technical and business sides. To be clear, he built the software for iOS, android and on the Web alone.

Tech-driven people is what Ghana needs now and Owusu is gradually bringing that in.

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