Raped on her birthday

Rape victim
Rape victim

Miss Cynthia, 22, was in celebration mood. It was her birthday after all. She had decided to step out to get some items for her the celebration after preparing a cake for the event when a man forced her to his room and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

The incident Occurred at Umualoma axis of Nkaliki, Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, where she resides with her parents. The secondary school leaver was returning from where she had gone to buy things for the birthday when the man grabbed her and took her to his house and then raped her. After having carnal knowledge of her, the man allegedly locked her inside the room.

Cynthia said she had to pick a cell phone the guy left inside his room when he locked her inside and dialled her own phone she left in her house and it was her elder sister who picked the call and came to her rescue as no one in the man’s compound agreed to open the door for her when she was screaming. She said: “ It was about 5pm.

I was celebrating my birthday. I went out to get something for me and my cousin brother which we are going to take that evening. “After getting the thing, on my way back, a guy just grabbed me and took me inside his room. I have never seen that guy and I don’t know him. I was shouting and he said that even though I shout nobody will come to rescue me. “After he finished raping me, he locked the door and went outside. Unfortunately, he left his telephone handset in the room. Then I used his phone to dial my telephone handset which is in our house.

It was my elder sister in the house that picked. “I told them what happened. She told me to knock harder that someonewill open the door. I was knocking before a guy told him to come and open the door for this girl to come out. “Immediately he opened the door, I pushed him and ran outside. That was how I went home.

His house is opposite our house in Umualoma area of Nkaliki. I have never seen his face before. I have never had an encounter with him before the incident. “The occupants of that building were all there when the thing happened but they couldn’t do anything because they were afraid of him. When he opened the door, it was around 6pm. “When the police came to arrest him, he ran away.

He nearly killed one of the policemen with an axe.” Cynthia’s father, Christian, called for justice for her daughter. He said: “I want justice because the information I got yesterday was that the guy is a rapist and he has been dragging girls into his house and raping them. The people around there don’t talk to him because the guy is a cultist. Sometimes, when he dragged any girl into his house, he would lock her there for some days.

“They said that he uses charms. After raping the girls, they would not be able to remember the house again. I think he was even surprised that this one recognized that building. So, it is something he has been doing and he often went scot-free”. Giving insight into the incident, Christian said: “I was called by her sister that she was not at home. When we called her line, it was ringing.

It was her cousin brother that picked it in the parlour and told me that she went to buy something and since he has not seen her. So, we tried but there was no way to reach her again. “So, I now returned home; took my daughter and we began to search through her phone to see the last call she made that day. We were trying the numbers but they were not going. “Eventually, a call came in through her own set.

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Her sister picked the call and it was her. ‘Where are you?’ She said that a guy dragged her into his room and raped her and then locked her inside. “Unfortunately, he went out and left his phone inside his room. She now used the guy’s phone and called her own phone which we picked. In interval of some minutes, she now called that she is at home. “We now went there with a friend with this my daughter. The boy was sitting there. I tried to ask him questions. But he was telling me that if I disturb him, he will shoot my leg.

“We left him and went to AK office and reported. So the AKs followed us. As at that time, it was around after 6pm or 7pm; it was a little bit dark. So, when we went there, he left the building and went to a building in front of his house and sat there; watching. “By the time we arrived his house, he was not there. Immediately we came out, he saw us and ran away.

The AK guys pursued him but they couldn’t catch him. They later found him in a dark place but he challenged the two AK guys with an axe and thereafter ran into the bush. “We later went back to the AK office. We were there and my son called me saying that some boys have held him, that he came to pack his luggage. They held him but as they were struggling, he stabbed the boy that held him and the boy left him and he ran away again.”

A Medical Doctor at Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki (FETHA), Dr Irechukwu John, who examined Cynthia told New Telegraph that the man actually had intercourse with her with complete penetration and ejaculation into her. He disclosed that the victim sustained a bruise on her forehead and when examined in the hospital, had obvious painful distress.

He also revealed that there were obvious lacerations inside her private parts. John said: “We were on call at night 10pm when she came in company with her dad, uncle, and elder sister. She presented with a complaint of non-consensual s*xual intercourse with an unknown assailant who lives in the neighbourhood. It happened around 5pm and she came around 10pm which is about five hours interval. “The man succeeded in having s*xual intercourse with her with complete penetration and ejaculation into her vagina. She sustained a bruise on her forehead. When we examined her, she had obvious painful distress.

Her clothes were not torn because she said that she had not changed her clothes when she arrived even though she had washed her private part with water.

“When we examined her pelvic area, there were obvious lacerations both on the left and right labium manorial and the parts joining the anus. There were linear lacerations. The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Loveth Odah, confirmed the incident.

“Yes, there is this particular recycling criminal that any time he sees women on top of a motorcycle or walking on the road alone closer to his house, he drags them into his room, rape them and push them out. Efforts are on top gear and we are seriously searching for him to arrest him “What we don’t know is why his neighbours don’t always disclose his illicit acts. Years back, this guy was arrested, charged to court and remanded in prison for an offence”, Odah stated.

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