Re: US travel ban on Nigeria

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
The APC governments in Abuja and the federating states have failed as the US government places Nigeria on its travel ban list.
Also in this list are Yemen, Somalia, Tanzania. Others are Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan and  Myanmar for failing to meet US security and information-sharing standards on terrorism.
You have seen it all! Like the legendary Nostradamus we saw tomorrow and aptly gave warnings which fell on deaf ears.
There is no restating the obvious that APC-led Federal Government has the trademarks of failed leadership considering the total breakdown of our security architecture resulting in crimes of varying degrees particularly violent ones.
They have failed but far from admitting the obvious still canvass support among you for  tenure elongation.
 Can’t we see with our eyes the sins of our rulers are being visited upon us! Are our eyes and brains out of sync?
Be that as it may, US under Trump has erred. The rulers ought to have been targeted in stead of poor Nigerians.
It is sad, very sad, sad in deed!
Hence, let us join forces today by dislodging  the ruling All Progressives Congress commencing with Ondo and Edo States. The Peoples Democratic Party is not an option either considering the harrowing plundering of our state – Edo – under its nine years ruinous misrule.
America under Trump has cast the first stone and  called for a punitive measure.
It needs no gainsaying, however,  other Western nations will follow suit in the coming days or months.
Therefore, it is time APC is rejected  at the polls at all levels like I just did say commencing with Ondo and Edo States.
Vote APC in Edo at your own peril and brave for even darker times! To be forewarned, it is said, is to be fore-armed.
Written by Iyoha John Darlington
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