Re: Xenophobic Attacks: As shades of Rwanda hang over our people in South Africa – By Iyoha John Darlington

Gen Sani Abacha
Gen Sani Abacha
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Frankly, I yearn with acute nostalgia, for the return of Abacha days.

We could all recall from dim memory  how the United Kingdom was cut down to size by our no-nonsense peoples’ General.

This patriot par excellence did not only retaliate but responded in the strongest form when the British Government  arrogantly announced the ban of Nigerian-registered aircrafts  in its airspace.

Insecurity of lives and properties was non-existent as we all slept with two eyes closed while insurgency, separatist feelings and aspirations were unheard of throughout the Federation of Nigeria.

Our country under this detribalized Nigerian enjoyed comparative  peace and a great deal of micro and macro economic stability for six calendar years.<

Today, the centre can no longer hold as things are beginning to fall apart if one may borrow a hackneyed quotation from  Prof. Achebe.

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South Africa  would  have by now been reduced to its knees with her envoy  shuttling cap in hand between Pretoria and Abuja.

Gen. Abacha, where art thou? Our hearts bleed!  Frankly, we miss thee, the greatest Nigerian that ever lived in the tide of times.

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship Candidate.

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