Ruguru drops her sophomore single, ‘Blessings’

Louize Wanjohi
Louize Wanjohi

After releasing her debut Hip-Hop track, No Love, Ruguru is back at it again with Blessings. A soulful R&B track with a message of hope, perseverance, and love in these trying times.

“With everything that’s going on in the world I felt that people needed to hear a song of hope to lift their spirits. The song holds a special place in my heart and I hope it will touch the lives of the people that hear it.” – Ruguru.

Blessings is definitely a change from what we first heard from Ruguru, owing to her debut track being a hip hop track. This shows how she plans to diversify her music and her career for the time to come.

“The song went straight through to my heart and soul the first time I heard the demo. You can definitely bet on Ruguru to deliver.” – Camilla (Ruguru’s A&R Manager)

EDITOR’S NOTES Blessings is Ruguru’s sophomore single after her hip-hop debut single, No Love. She wrote blessings to give and preach hope during these trying times.

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