Ruguru joins Taurus Musik, releases Single ‘No Love’ (video)

No love by Ruguru
No love by Ruguru

A few weeks after signing under Taurus Musik, Ruguru jumps straight into the studio and gets out with a few gems.

The song bird explores her vocal and lyrical range with No Love, her debut single. The hip-hop track hints at what Ruguru is all about, being the best and not hearing what nay-sayers have to say.

“I had so much fun in the studio! We were playing around with a few beats and we ended up making some fire tracks. No Love is just one of them, guys should be prepared for what’s coming next” – Ruguru

Ruguru’s music career may just be starting but it is clear that the path to success may have already been paved. Ruguru has the talent and the work ethic, it might only be a matter of time before she floods the airwaves.

“She has so much promise and she works really hard. She always wants to be in the studio and she always delivers.

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