Shocker: Presidential amnesty beneficiaries produce and distribute 1500 bags of rice

Amnesty beneficiaries produce 1500 bags of rice
Amnesty beneficiaries produce 1500 bags of rice

The success stories of the Presidential Amnesty Programme Beneficiaries just keep coming. The latest one is the production of 1500 bags of Rice by 100 Amnesty Beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries during their training and mentorship phases, nurtured, milled and packed 1500 bags of high quality rice grains. This process took place in a farm in Ogoja, Cross Rivers State.

The above view is contained in a press statement signed and made available to journalists in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by Mr. Wabiye Idoniboyeobu media consultant to Brig-Gen Paul Boroh.

According to him, “The next phase of their reintegration would be their full empowerment.

This would entail allocation of land, and necessary rice farming Implements, to the trained Ex Agitators. Over 50 actual Ex Militants are part of this group.”

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He made known that “agencies like the Bank of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and the Anchor Borrowers Programme have already keyed into this success story by partnering to support these new farmers moving forward.”

“It is expected that when large scale production starts, the rice produced would be sold in the market cheaper than the normal rice currently to ease the plight of the common man.

By this, the success of the Amnesty Programme not only improves the lives of the beneficiaries, but also eases the lives of the public”, Wabiye asserted.

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