The Broom At The City Gate, As Narrated by Dr. Issa Perry Brimah In the Cabal Must Go Epistles

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And there gathered the two or three men who owned the King’s ear. And they gathered at a meeting place in the compound of the rock.

And their meeting could be overheard by the brave one in the other room. The one who feareth not to speak the truth and who calleth for an uprising of the Nation’s youth. The beautiful one who the two or three men calleth “the suicide bomber from Yola.”

“Our oppression and intimidation of the masses, worketh not, nor does the fear and lies.” the first complained. “The people rise against us, and they see we are corrupt.

And one said, “Much blood hath we shared but the people hearken not and they abideth not.”

“And the niggardly trader’s money we distributeth, they sayeth we induceth,” another wailed.

And one said, “Indeed we have imbibed and sanctified all the looters of the opposition, but it brought us naught, and the people are not pleased.”

And the first of the two or three said, “Time runneth out, the world watcheth and mayest not fear our threat of body bags after we riggeth. We must subdue these peasants completely.”

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And the two or three men were silent in deep thought as they pondered a way out. And one even slept off as age was telling on him and the matter was very heavy on their shoulders.

And one of the two or three that gathered that day said, “Shalt we not build a monument at the city’s gates, that all shalt be in awe and all shalt be forced to bow?”

And all of the two or three men were in agreement.

And they dipped into the nation’s coffers and took from the stashed loot of the increased oil subsidy and from the massive loot from the secret FOREX subsidy scam and paid the masons. And the masons built a broom at the city gate.

And it was a big broom. And some say the broom spelt doom.

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