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Legend: Green countries - peaceful, yellow - low risk, orange - medium risk, red - high risk and dark red - extremely dangerous. Source: International SOS

A map showing the most dangerous places in the world to travel to has been published by International SOS.

The interactive ‘Travel Risk Map’ shows the nations where travellers are most likely to encounter risks in terms of road safety, security and medical events.

According to International SOS, New Zealand currently poses a low security risk to travellers. Other countries deemed as having a low security risk include Australia, China, Argentina, the US, Canada, England and the majority of Europe.

Only a handful of nations pose an “insignificant” risk to travellers’ security. The Nordics are largely considered the safest countries, including Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland. Luxembourg and Switzerland are also deemed as very safe.

Areas which pose an extreme risk to travellers’ safety include Mali, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and areas of Israel and Ukraine.

Researchers analysed the risk of danger by measuring the rates of political violence (including terrorism and insurgency), crime (both violent and petty) and social unrest across the world.

New Zealand is also labelled as a safe country to visit in terms of health, alongside Australia, Japan, Chile, the US, Canada, the Nordics, the UK and most of western Europe.

Travellers risk a “very high” chance of poor health prospects or contracting illness when visiting Haiti, Venezuela, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Yemen and Somalia.

In regards to road safety, New Zealand is again considered one of the safest countries to travel to, with a mortality rate of 10 and under per 100,000 in population.

Countries with the highest mortality rates on the road (a minimum of 25 deaths per 100,000) include Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, South Africa and much of Africa.

Countries with moderate to variable risks across all categories include Russia, Brazil, India, Iran and areas of Central and South America.

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