The time for struggle is over, innovation, excellence is now – Wabiye Dikio Idoniboyeobu

Wabiye Dikio Idoniboyeobu
Wabiye Dikio Idoniboyeobu

Mr.Wabiye Dikio Idoniboyeobu the Presidential candidate for the Ijaw Youth Council IYC said over the years IYC has grown to be the most influential pressure group in Southern Nigeria, adding, “our interest and position on issues affecting the Ijaws and Nigeria at large has brought us to the limelight and kept us in a position of strength.

This hard-earned recognition is gradually fading away. Greed, Envy, Lack of Purpose and Interference from ‘Lifetime Youth Leaders’ have distorted the true purpose of the Council.”

Wabiye in a statement made available to journalists noted that any movement that does not promote progress is a failed project.

He reeled out some pertinent questions thus, “What progress has the IYC promoted in the last couple of years? What difference has the IYC made, within the last couple of years? How many youths have gainfully benefited from the spoils of the ‘struggle’?”

“You and I know the answers to these, and many more disturbing questions” Wabiye averred.

Continuing he said, “the truth is, the time for “Struggle” has passed; Now is the time for Innovation and Excellence. It’s time for the IYC to rub shoulders and compete with other Youth bodies around the world. It’s time for the IYC to project its finest rather than its fiercest. Its time to cleanup, remold and rebrand this organization that can transform the fortunes of the Niger Delta Region.”

“The only way to achieve progress here is for progressive minded individuals to get involved. That is what I am doing; and I encourage all well-meaning sons and daughters of the Ijaw extraction to join me on this Journey of rediscovery” he appealed.


According to Wabiye, “I have decided to run for the office of the National President of the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide! I am not perfect, but I believe I have what it takes to stir this ship in the direction of progress.”

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