The Trump Doctrine: You Must Earn Your Seat At My Table

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Trump doctrine cannot be more succinctly captured: “you must earn your seat at my table.” Cry your eyes out, babies of the world, Trump is not your daddy. They said Trump does not like Muslims. Do you like yourselves? Suddenly you will hear Sunni Muslims tell you how they despise Shia Muslims and how the Shia of Yemen can all die for all they care. In your regions, how do you treat Christians?

Ask the Muslims when last they made a donation to Palestine or a donation to the millions of suffering Muslim victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria. I doubt they even know of those. You are mad Trump is banning Muslims. But why do you want to come to America? What happened to your own country? “America destroyed it.” Lol! But that is the same America you are angry you cannot get to? The irony.

Trump called you a “Shit-hole” country. Oh, cry all you want. Why are you running to America if your country is so great. Why don’t you take a cue and fix your shit! Every one wants to judge America by its own standards and castigate it by America’s standards and not the standards they hold themselves up to. Oh, “Trump hates Muslims,” “Trump hates Blacks.” Does he like whites? Do you not see how he dismisses pathetic white sorry-losers in America? Do you not see how he embarrasses the CNNs and other “Fake news” caucasian media outlets? Do you not see how he treats Britain and Canada and all other white nations? I bet if Trump told your leader that he belonged in the worst part of hell, you would have been screaming “bloody murder” and that it was religiously or ethnically provoked. Do you need more tissue for your tears? Here.

Canada celebrates a surplus every year thanks to its advantages over America, based on, yes, unfair trade agreements. But guess what, you wailing Blacks. Canada told Trump to block your arses from coming into America so Canada can maintain their fake “welcoming immigration policy” because they will carefully choose who they welcome so long as there is no mass access through America.

But the same Canada screams when Trump says he wishes to monitor his border. A world of pathetic hypocrites it is. Judging America by standards America chose and can at anytime choose to abandon, when they are all worse. How is your country’s immigration policy? Can an Obama from Kenya become a president even in his own Kenya?


And you Black wailing in Nigeria that Trump called your country a hole of shit. You guy, so quick to judge America and call out at its “brutality” What is happening in the south of your neighboring Cameroon? Are they not killing your English speaking Black brothers there? What have you done about it? What have you said about it? Oh, Nigeria is now not an African power to be held to the same standards America is?

Nigeria does not have the strength to tackle Cameroon, right? But even worse, did your Nigerian president not deport or otherwise scarily disappear Cameroonian refugees who sought asylum in Nigeria. Why don’t you see that appalling atrocity as conversation worthy, but no, you open your smelly mouths to talk about Trump’s America.

And what did any of you Blacks from shit-hole nations do when Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari regime killed and secretly buried 1000 minority Shia Muslims in Zaria? Perhaps the worst direct government-conducted barbaric atrocity in recent times.Oh, Trump should care about you but you do not care about yourselves? What did you do when Buhari killed and secretly buried 100 Igbos in Onitsha?

Ah! You are waiting for Trump to come and clean it up or you are celebrating their deaths but have the audacity to query Trump?

You see, the world is a world of wicked ignoramuses and lazy hypocrites. Trump is the best medicine for most of you. Quit looking at America and look yourself in the mirror. Be challenged by Trump and learn to be a human being who stands and fights for your rights and the rights of the oppressed in your hood, in your village, in your country. And do not be biased because Trump is probably not your race or class, so if you discriminate Igbo, Haitian, Hausa, White, Black, Muslim, Christian, Shia, Sunni, then Trump can discriminate himself from you and trust me, there are so many classes to separate him from you.

When they told you slavery was a choice, you screamed blawdy Mary, but yet you make the same choice everyday selecting and electing hopeless and wicked cabal as your leaders time and time again in your shit-holes. It’s the same choices too many of your ancestors made who ran to snitch and refused to fight the colonialist when mine started fights.

Yes, go read the story of my ancestors in the “Male Revolt” tale of Brazil and why the colonialist deported us back to Ghana and Lagos. Hundreds of years!! All of you enslaved by a few? Slavery was a choice. A choice YOU are still making. And do not give me any excuse of the cabal paying to buy your vote. It makes you look worse.

Trump is getting his for America, get yours! You must earn your seat at his table. What do you have to offer or are you a leech on planet earth?

Written by Dr Perry Brimah

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