Travel destinations for s*x tourism and pr*stitution

Tourists in Venezuela
Tourists in Venezuela

Some travelers specifically plan to travel to fulfill their s*xual desires. Call it a s*xually-indulgent holiday, if you will. They dream of having fun in red light districts and look forward to erotic massage studios.

There really isn’t anything wrong with that as long as the traveler pays heed to the dignity of the s*x workers. The view of s*x workers should be to give them their due respect. And travelers should shun any inkling of human trafficking or activities involving children in s*x abuse.

That being said, which destinations are safe to partake in s*x tourism? In some countries, the s*x industry enjoys the protection of law enforcement authority. Keeping this in mind and looking for the best s*x tourism destinations to consider, here are 10 to put on the list:


Thailand has some cities where s*x tourism is promoted indirectly. Those cities are teeming with s*x workers, like Pattaya and the Bangkok Red Light Districts. In fact, Bangkok has been crowned as the most renowned s*x capital of the world.

Being true to its infamous abundance of s*x tourism, it has been called a s*x workers paradise. There are ladies who are willing to barter their services for a traveler’s big bucks. This is so accurate that it is safe to say there is a s*x worker on every square foot of Bangkok.

But is it legal? Actually, no. s*x tourism or pr*stitution is not allowed by the law of the state. It is, however, well under control of the police, and the government keeps a blind eye on the s*x industry because of the millions of dollars in income to the national GDP.


In Singapore, s*x work is as legal as legal can be and is regulated by law, but negative activities related to pr*stitution do come under scrutiny by the police. Because of this, s*x service and its payments are usually done behind closed doors.

While pr*stitution may be legal, pimping and brothels are not. Police are used to turning a blind eye – this seems to be a common theme in the s*x industry regardless of country – but famous s*x houses do have to watch intently to make sure there is no criminal activity on the premises.

Singapore is a nation that it gives freedom for a pr*stitute to do her business on her own in her own apartment or house in such well-known places such as Geylang Road, Orchard, Decker Road, and the Keong Saik Red Light District. They also can do it in premises leased by them or in the client’s hotel.

pr*stitutes must undergo medical checkups to detect STDs and must carry with them a certificate stating that they are not carriers of any s*xually-transmitted diseases.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a giant in s*x tourism, and yes, it is legal and comes under the protection of law enforcement. But just like Singapore, one cannot run a brothel to earn money from s*x workers or through a third party. The s*x worker has to earn money on his or her own.

In the DR, s*x workers can be freelance workers if they wish to do so. And there is also the opportunity to engage in the s*x vending business in an area that is known as upscale areas.


In the Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa are known as the most well-liked s*x tourism cities in the country. s*x tourism is actually illegal here, but there’s not much chance of interference from the law. These 2 cities have strip clubs and massage parlors blooming all over the place.

s*x travelers to Ukraine make it a point not to miss out on visiting Kiev and Odessa where they can fulfill their s*xual desires with the help of Ukranian women and men.


A popular red light district in Japan are the streets of Roppongi in Tokyo. But there’s a catch to s*x travel in this country.

While Japan enjoys a huge number of international travelers, female s*x workers do not really like foreign men. Japanese women tend to believe that the type of s*x that foreign men want is rough and to them this is undesirable.

Along with that, they do not like the body smell of foreigners and find the language barrier a determent from engaging themselves to satisfy a customer’s s*xual wants.

Costa Rica

Did you know that 10 percent of all who travel to Costa Rica are going there for s*x? What makes the country so popular? Are the prices good? Are the workers just that skilled?

Well, perhaps, but mostly it’s because in the United States of America, pr*stitution is illegal, and Costa Rica is not that far away.

In fact, many US-bound migrants engage in pr*stitution in Costa Rica to the tune of nearly 80 percent.


In Venezuela, women own the most precious traits that make them the summation of a real embodiment of beauty ever to be found on Earth. This holds true with the number of Venezuelan women who have earned the title of Miss World.

Here, pr*stitution is legal, and s*x work is a norm, especially in Caracas. This city booms with escort services to the delight of s*x travelers.

Brothels are also present here as well as erotic massage parlors and s*x massage spas.


Spain has it all one might say – wine, bullfighting, and legal pr*stitution. The red light districts in Spain are abundant and active.

And even in a town where there is no red light district, a s*x traveler is likely to find a pr*stitute ready to supply their services for some nice cash.


Indonesia has a bad reputation for child s*x trafficking, so s*x travelers are advised to be very careful about where they find s*xual experiences.

Perhaps the safest way to find s*x in Indonesia is to use the Internet. There are rings of pr*stitution and forums of pr*stitution that a s*x traveler can access via social media.

In Gili and Bali, s*x tourism is unofficially spoken here – it is illegal – so caution is advised.


Now Amsterdam is very well known for its Red Light Districts. Here, pr*stitution is completely legal and safe. They even have part of their website dedicated to the Red Light Districts.

One can even go window shopping in person by simply strolling past the brothels and taking a look at the pr*stitutes in the windows.

There is also the presence of a s*x museum where s*x travelers can learn some new things about fleshly delights involving carnal love.

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