Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, criticized for choice of dress

Ivanka Trump at her father’s first address to Congress
Ivanka Trump at her father’s first address to Congress

Ivanka Trump has faced criticism for choosing to wear an almost $4000 off-the-shoulder dress to her father’s first address to Congress on Tuesday night.

President Donald Trump’s daughter attended the State of the Union address in support of her father, as she has done throughout the campaign and into his presidency, but it was her choice of attire that sent social media users into a frenzy.

The 35-year-old donned a $3909 (US$2995) burgundy gown by French designer Roland Mouret for the occasion.

Some Twitter users slammed Ivanka for not wearing an American-designed dress, while others called the “cocktail” style gown unsuitable.

Others labelled the dress “inappropriate” due to the black strap’s resemblance to a bra strap.

Meanwhile some defended Ivanka, highlighting that a woman was being picked apart for her dress sense while men are rarely critiqued in the same way.

This isn’t the first time the mum-of-two has courted controversy with her fashion choices.

In January, shortly after Donald Trump’s now-failed travel ban was enforced, Ivanka shared a photo of herself and her husband Jared Kushner dressed in formal wear to attend an Alfalfa Club dinner.

The businesswoman was accused of being “tone deaf” due to the timing of the post, with some comparing her gown to survival blankets given to refugees.

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