Turkey: Camera exposes wicked nanny maltreating a toddler

The nanny maltreating the child
The nanny maltreating the child

A child-minder in Turkey has lost her job and been charged after parents noticed bruises on their child’s body and set up hidden cameras to see if she was responsible.

The nanny, 54-year-old Nadia Shapoval, had been looking after the infant at the family’s home in Istanbul – but suspicious contusions made the parents suspicious.

The parents installed hidden cameras around their home in an effort to catch Shapoval out if she was indeed the culprit – and that they did.

Video footage shows the child lying on the floor, potentially during a tantrum, and being picked up by Shapoval before being thrust forcefully into a high chair. The nanny can then be seen striking the child across the face with vigour.

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After noticing another bruise on their child’s face and reviewing security footage, the pair discovered the piece of incriminating evidence that they were trying to find – but by that point they had already fired Shapoval over her other behavioural issues.

The couple filed a complaint against Shapoval with police – but discovered she had fled back to her hometown of Marmaris 720km away, so the father travelled all the way there to get their help locating her.

Shapoval is reported to have broken down into tears upon seeing her former boss, but still refused to talk to police about the allegations.

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She has been charged, though police will not confirm what it is for. They say she will be summoned to court in due course.

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