Wellington, New Zealand rated best city in the world

Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
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It turns out no city in the world can beat Wellington on a good day, according to a quality of life survey conducted by Deutsche Bank which has ranked the capital number one.

The capital has beaten 46 cities to be ranked first in the survey, which measured factors including cost of living, pollution, climate and house prices.

“Wellingtonians know we live in the best spot on Earth, and now the rest of the world is hearing about it as well,” acting Wellington Mayor Paul Eagle says.

The capital was followed by Edinburgh in second place and Vienna in third, while big cities like London and New York were ranked in the bottom half of the table. Auckland was ranked at 13.

Mr Eagle says the result is a huge endorsement that the city is on the right track.

“It ranks us ahead of much bigger cities like New York, Sydney and Los Angeles and even ahead of cities that pride themselves on quality of life like Melbourne and Edinburgh.”

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It will be a boost to the city’s efforts to attract new people to visit and work in the city, but Mr Eagle says it’s important that work continues to maintain a high quality of life for people in the city.

“It’s also a powerful reminder of the things we need to protect for future generations: our local environment, affordable and accessible housing, ease of movement, quality public transport, and good paying jobs.”

World cities with the best quality of life:

1) Wellington, New Zealand

2) Edinburgh, UK

3) Vienna, Austria

4) Melbourne, Australia

5) Zurich, Switzerland

6) Copenhagen, Denmark

7) Ottawa, Canada

8) Boston, United States

9) Amsterdam, Netherlands

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