Why the Premier League is the Most Powerful League in the World

Premier League
Premier League

It goes without saying; English Premier League (EPL) claims the largest league-audience across the globe. But again, is the credibility attached to this claim viable? Why does EPL stand out from other Leagues like Germany’s Bundesliga or La Liga in Spain? If so, would Serie A of the best Italian sides tussling for the trophy be ignored?

Well, it might occur that the EPL popularity sprouts from the wide broadcasting on televisions. Does that suffice the claims that the EPL is the best among the many? And don’t other countries put enough effort to televise their football leagues? It boils down to a variety of structures. Betting on the EPL with top brands like Betway is rising rapidly, and it could only be the beginning.

Without bias, EPL stands out of the rest of the European Leagues because of stiff competition related to achieving the EPL title. In almost every European League, the title seems to be a matter of two top clubs or three, but EPL has a massive competition where nearly six teams have a chance to take home victory. Unbendable competition, right? Six clubs. Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspurs. Then there is Leicester City, who upset bookies, including top-rated Betway, when they secured the title in 2016.

TV Coverage

Back in 1965 during the first football coverage by the BBC, only a few viewers managed to tune in for the day’s match. Though very unclear black and white screens, few managed to stir-up their love for football.

Today, 35-40 years down the line, the EPL claims about 600 million across 200 countries. Matches are aired live to the much anticipating fans across the world. The returns from the international broadcast rights are enormous, but what’s more interesting about the Premier League is that there is a collective distribution of the 20 member clubs’ income. Apart from Bundesliga, other European Leagues seem to distribute the collected money from the individual clubs’ coverage.

That tells you that the English Premier League claims popularity among the sports show across every continent at any given time of the season. But why? It carries the football world’s magic, not forgetting the dynamics. It is a League that every gender and age can relate to.

 Competitive Nature of the EPL

Consider the top six clubs in every league in Europe. Does each of these teams have a chance to be crowned the winner of the league? It is doubtful.

Only the EPL boasts such a stiff competition: Manchester Utd, The Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leicester. It remains that at least four teams have a chance to take victory home while two are contenders of equal strength. Only in the EPL can such magnitude of competition be found. Even in the early stages of the 2020/21 EPL season, the jury is still out there on the favorites to win the title with Betway.

In Spain, for instance, it is predictable that only two elite teams battle for the title. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. There are three usual top competitors, while in Germany, it’s mostly two, not forgetting there has been one recently, and in France, you have PSG dominating proceedings.

Only in England will you find four teams standing firm to take home the victory but now that Leicester City won the EPL, there’s no telling what might unfold in the near feature.

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