Why Wike will lose 2019 elections if he dares contest – Rivers APC

Explains Why APC is on Rescue Mission *Name one Pilot Project initiated by your administration, Rivers APC challenges Wike

Nyesom Wike
Nyesom Wike

Rivers All Progressives Congress (APC) after critical examination of Governor Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike’s misfortune administration in Rivers State has resolved to embark on a rescue mission to salvage Rivers State and her people before Wike succeeds to make the State a laughing stock and bankrupt.

The party in a statement circulated on Sunday in Port Harcourt by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, the Media Consultant to Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya the State Chairman of Rivers APC to media organizations said as long as “any right thinking Rivers State is concerned Wike is a disaster as exemplified by many of his misguided steps that he took to decimate most of the feats of Amaechi which if he has assisted to build upon would have turned the fortunes of the State around.”

The party notes with sadness how Wike programmed and supervised the decimation of every agency in Rivers State. Today, both the Due Process Unit, the unit responsible for ensuring transparency in Public Procurement; the Rivers State Sustainable Development Agency (RSSDA), the agency responsible for the training of present and future manpower needs of the State and the Rivers State Scholarship Board another important agency all have completely failed since Wike’s assumption of office.


The party lamented that today our educational system under the watch of Governor Nyesom Wike is nothing to write home about as most of our students now study under deplorable situation while locking model schools constructed by Amaechi’s administration.

Wike’s administration stands out as the only administration since the creation of the State in 1967 that has refused to provide Scholarships for Rivers youths despite receiving billions of naira exposing his hatred for the future of our youths.

The party further stated that under the terrible administration of Governor Wike, Rivers state stands out as the worst in areas of unemployment with highest unemployment rate of 41.82 per cent in the country in the third quarter of 2017 according to the latest data released in Abuja by the National Bureau of Statistics.

This implies that for every 10 persons in Rivers 4 are without anything doing. Affirming the position of the National Bureau of Statistics the party notes that under Wike’s evil administration no Rivers State Indigene have been employed into the Civil Service instead those employed like the 13,200 Teachers employed by Amaechi were sacked. What a shameful feat?

Justifying the National Bureau of Statistics position on Rivers State, Governor Wike’s inability to provide security both Chiveron, Michelin and all the multinational companies operating in Rivers State have all relocated to Lagos State and neighbouring States thereby causing untold hardship on our people and increased the number of our people in the labour market.

The statement reads: “The Civil servants under Wike have never had it so badly since the creation of Rivers State where no Civil servants have been promoted or their entitlements paid since he assumed office. Salaries are owed for over six months while pensioners last received their pensions during the regime of Amaechi.

The State Secretariat that was remodelled and modernised by Amaechi have been vandalised and kept in a state of despair where animals will even detest working in such an environment.

The party laments that Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital under the watch of Governor Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike apart from being unsafe security wise is now among world’s worst air polluted cities which means that most of her inhabitants are prone to one health challenge or the other. According to AirVisual , a global air quality monitor founded in 2015 in its latest findings, Port Harcourt is ranked the 6th most polluted city in the world and the worst in Africa.

Port Harcourt has been struggling with soot said to be the consequence of illegal refining of petroleum products by illegal bunkers and sadly, all the calls by both APC and other concerned Groups for Wike to call for a stakeholder holders meeting to deliberate and find solution to this threat to the lives of Rivers State people residing in Port Harcourt have failed on deaf ears.

Today, under Wike, Port Harcourt city that used to be referred as the garden city is now refers to as the garbage city as there is no single street that is not without a putrefying stench of mountains of dirt with accompanying buzzing of flies to cause health hazard to the inhabitants of this once beautiful city.

Surprisingly, Wike himself acknowledged this feat when he stated publicly in Nigerian Info 92.3FM Port Harcourt program, “You know the Environmental Sanitation have failed us, they have failed and I publicly admit that” The Rivers State Sanitation (RIWAMA) Management is under the watch of Wike’s most trusted ally, Mr. Felix Obuah who doubles as the State Chairman of the dying and the lying PDP.

Wike whose notoriety for rigging and manipulation of electoral processes through bloodletting, ballot boxes snatching and stuffing, scientific rigging is legendary will have to contend with the resolve of President Buhari to ensure that the 2019 general elections are conducted fairly, justly without any traits associated with the styles of Wike politics. In this regard, Wike’s usual style of blackmailing both INEC & Security Agencies and use of militants to intimidate electorates will surely not work for him in 2019.

If every agency under Wike are failing the party asks on what grounds are some Media Organisations heaping awards on this man whose second name is MR DISASTER and whose only known projects are destroying all projects initiated and executed by Amaechi for greater future of Rivers State and claiming Motor Parks and Markets constructed by the Local Government Councils.

Rivers State under Wike has become a fiefdom of a sort without any budgetary provisions to run its affairs. Nobody knows how our collective Commonwealth are spent and how projects are awarded and how much each costs indicating that Wike runs a fraudulent Government.

We would have advised Wike to toe the path of honour and tender his resignation and go home with pride but we know him as a man without honour so let him stay on until he is disgraced out of office by 2019.

Based on these facts, the party urges the entire Rivers State indigenes to unite and team up with APC to salvage our State from the hands of these misguided elements currently destroying and ruining our dear State come 2019.”

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