Woman brutalizes housemaid, pours hot water on her

The woman and the injured maid
The woman and the injured maid
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A Lagos-based mother of four, Nkeiruka Ngwu has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for burning her 10-year-old maid with hot water and pressing iron.

Ngwu reportedly committed the act after accusing the victim of maltreating her children in her absence.

She said that her neighbours informed her that her children usually cried throughout whenever she was not around.

However, the victim, who arrived in Lagos two months ago from Umuoju Ngwu area of Abia State, said that her employer was fond of battering her at every slight provocation.

The maid said that after her employer got information from the neighbours, she attempted to force the truth out of her and in the process, she pressed the hot iron on her legs and hands and also poured hot water on her.

The suspect thereafter took her children to their school the next day accompanied by the maid.

Ngwu, a petty trader, was reportedly confronted by other mothers in the school after they noticed the injuries on the maid’s legs and body.

They subsequently urged her to take the maid for treatment or risk being reported to the police.

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The State Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti said, “As the suspect was about to drive off after dropping her children, she was confronted by women, who nearly beat her.

“They were calmed by some teachers who heard their voices. The women told the suspect to take the girl to a hospital or else they would petition Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

“In spite of their warning to report her to the authorities, Mrs Ngwu came to the school on Friday, March 9, accompanied by the victim, whose injuries were manifestly untreated.

“The women made good their promise to call the attention of the Commissioner of Police Lagos State to the matter.
“Edgal immediately ordered her arrest and directed the Gender Section of the Command to take the child-victim to Police hospital for proper treatment, ensure that the girl is fed very well until the Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Government come for the girl.”

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