Woman encounters snake swallowing another snake, says it portends evil

The snake
The snake

The people of Umuafor Umugaragu-Ezigaragu village in Enyiogugu Autonomous Community in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area, Imo state were shocked last Tuesday, when they saw the strange sight of a snake swallowing another snake at the back of the house of Mrs.Victoria Obinna, who is a widow.

While it may not be a strange phenomenon for a snake to swallow another in the jungle, however, it is considered a bad omen in Igbo land for such a thing to happen in any community, which is a sign of impending calamity.

The first time such a strange thing happened in the state was in 1996 at the compound of the late Eze Onuegwu Nwoke of Ihitte-Uratta, Owerri, and preceded the uprising of the masses, popularly known as the Otokoto Riot, following the beheading of 11-year-old Ikechukwu Okonkwo and a certain Innocent Ekeanyanwu.

Obinna, who lost two of her sons within 14 months and had just recuperated from a motorbike accident, said she saw the strange omen on her return from the market. She said: “It was when I came from the market in the evening and went to the back of my house, where I saw the snake swallowing another one. I immediately shouted. Incidentally, members of the kindred were holding their meeting that evening opposite my house and they ran down to know what it was all about. When they saw it they were equally shocked.”

She opined that the incident was the handiwork of evil men in the community, who she believes would soon be exposed.

Obinna explained: “Umugaragu people have been on community liberation programme since August 2017 with one Rev Father Kyrian presiding. I know that it is the handiwork of evil doers in the community and I believe that God will soon expose them. And what has happened is as a result of the cleansing going on in the community.”

Also reacting to the strange incident, one of the elders who does not want his name mentioned said that something terrible is about to happen in the community.


“In Igboland when such a strange thing occurs it is nothing but a bad omen and shows that something is not right in the community,” he said.

Similarly, Eze Leo Nwokocha, the traditional ruler of Umunnenato community in Aboh Mbaise and Chairman, Mbaise Council of Traditional Rulers, described the incident as a terrible omen for the community, noting that for such a thing to happen indicates that all is not well in the community.

“It is a terrible omen for the Umugaragu community and I think that the elders of the community should find out what is wrong. Most importantly, they should invite men of God to liberate the community because this is strange and not a good omen.”

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