Yaba Tech graduate commits suicide by drinking poison

Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke
Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke

A graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Oluwamuyiwa Oluwagbemileke, appeared to have announced his forthcoming suicide on his Facebook wall before allegedly carrying out the act. Oluwagbemileke was said to have killed himself a day after making the controversial statement on his Facebook wall.

It had been alleged that the deceased swallowed a poisonous substance, which led to his death. Oluwagbemileke, writing on his Facebook page a day before the suicide, appealed to people to stand by his mother.

He was buried on Saturday in Lagos. Oluwagbemileke further wrote: “When man’s life is unstable, worried, downcast and destabilized, things he does right before, will become wrong, no matter the best he put. Such a person lost focus and strength, become unhappy and angry at everything even if he tries to wear a smiling face the thought of death will come in the scene.”

The deceased’s mother felt that her son committed suicide because he was being pressured by his boss, to fix a car which he damaged. Oluwagbemileke used to work in a sachet water factory, in order to augment his school fees. The mother claimed that the boss repeatedly threatened to sack Oluwagbemileke if he didn’t fix the car.

The mother said that Oluwagbemileke had appealed to the company to pardon him about the damaged car, that he did not damage it intentionally. The distraught mother, who lives in Osogbo, Osun State, said her son, who is studying Electrical Electronic, took up the sachet water job in order to survive and take care of her.

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The woman further said: “When he was schooling in Lagos, he always complained to me of what he did to take care of himself in school. I also used to send the little I had to him. He was the person that financed himself through school. He was an easygoing person. I so much relied on him, that he would be the one that would take of us and bring us out of poverty.

But I have accepted my fate.” One of the deceased’s friends, Lammy Olamide, who wrote on the deceased’s Facebook wall, said: “If you can’t stand by your mother, then who should? And if truly you love her, you wouldn’t take your life. May God forgive you of your sins and have mercy on you.”

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